Welcome to DK Alexstrasza

Welcome to our Russian Blue Cattery.

We are currently having kittens, feel free to have a look at our kitten page if you are interested.

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Our cattery is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is named DK Alexstrasza. We have at the moment 2 female adult cats and one younger male.

We are focusing on both genetic healthy and social well balanced breeding. We try to see the quality of the cats, as not only the visual appearance, but also to ensure inbreeding depression doesn’t evolve – even its not visible directly on the young cat, it can emerge years later without a warning.

The social perspective on the kittens/cats is as important as the look for us. A very nice looking cat that is terrible on social skills are not what we tend to breed – opposite, we try to socialize our kittens to the maximum. Again, it’s important for us, that the cats will have a healthy life in all aspects.

We have kittens

We have kittens at the moment, if you are interrested, please have a look at our kittens

The wonder about Loke

Loke is growing fast and looks like he will be a very well looking male - have a look in his gallery by clicking on his picture on "our cats"

Kittens for sale

We have at the moment 2 kittens for sale, a male and a female